Effective Online Press Releases Use SEO Tactics

As businesses rely more on online press release distribution, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a vital component of public relations. Traditionally, writing an effective press release involved writing an attention-grabbing headline, informative opening paragraph and other newsworthy elements to get the information noticed by an editor or journalist. These elements of an effective press release still hold true with one exception. Press releases now need to be written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. What has changed is press release distribution. Instead of placing a release in an envelope and mailing to editors for their consideration, most press releases are now distributed online.

Have a Little Search Engine Fun With Google’s Tricks

Using Google Search to do things other than search is quite possible with its new list of Google Tips and Tricks. And, it's kind of fun. There’s a whole list of Google Search tips and tricks that not everyone knows about Google. The search engine can give much more information that just web search results. Google seems to know literally everything; it knows too much, according to some people’s opinions. Below is a list of the top 10 Google tricks and secrets. Google Secrets; Searches That Google Wants You to Know Type in an airline’s name and a flight number and Google will give all the details, from take-off to landing and if it’s on time.

Google is More than a Search Engine

Are you bored with basic Internet searching? Why not take a journey to discover the many other lesser known but no less useful features of Google? The searching capability of Google is beyond question, and with excellent reason because any given word or phrase is now indexed in its colossal database. In the good old days finding anything worthwhile on the Internet was an adventure without any guarantee of success. In contrast, the modern-day Internet search routine is efficient but tedious. Why not explore the many other interesting and useful features of Google? Google can come in handy as a Calculator, Converter, Spell Checker, Dictionary or World Clock.